Thursday, December 08, 2005

Freya van Dien, notes from Georgia

This autumn I am staying with my friend and project partner Sophia Tabatadze from half October till half November. We are working on setting up an NGO GeoAIR in Tbilisi for international exchange between people from the fields of art and design. Last year around this time I was also here to see Georgia for the first time, but during my 9 days stay I felt I was just flying over. This second time I am here for 3 weeks which makes it possible to go a little deeper into trying to understand Georgia’s contemporary society and how it relates to it’s history. Still I feel I am only gathering pieces of a puzzle and I have not idea yet how to put them together. My notes from Georgia autumn 2006 is a collection of phenomena I’ve found in writings, words spoken by people here and in observations, that I feel are part of the Georgian reality.

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