Monday, January 29, 2007

Tamuna Chabashwili (Geo/NL), Artist's talk about PSWAR and 'Beauty Unrealized' project

PSWAR / is a collaboration of the artists Tamuna Chabashvili (Georgia, 1978), Adi Hollander (Belgium, 1976) and theoretician Vesna Madzoski (Serbia, 1976) whose activities go beyond the usual notions of artists-as-social-activists, artists-as-producers, and artists-as-curators, blurring the borders between many roles assumed to be taken by the present-day artists. Their projects are based on research and include several levels: examination of collaboration and collective action, the possibility to use existing artworks as ready-mades, questioning of the existing exhibition formats, creating platforms for intimate and individual experience of the artworks and changing perception of the space.

Beauty Unrealized
A research project conducted by Public Space With A Roof

In the last few decades beauty has been a much disputed term. It has often been associated with things ornamental or decorative, while simultaneously becoming the buzzword for conservative critics who object to anything avant-garde. Perhaps because of this stereotypical understanding and misuse of the term, 'beauty' has all fallen out of favour within present art discourse. With this project, we want to underline that (produced) objects are equally important as 'social projects'. Since people have always communicated through objects in space and time, it is important to discuss the link between objects and ideas, or more specifically, between objects and the concept of beauty. Invited artists, composers, film directors and philosophers will explore the concept of beauty today within the scope of their own process of self-development and their own work. As a framework for the whole project, we created a special library in which visitors can enter and get lost in the world of thoughts, ideas, questions, possibilities, and puzzles.

For detailed information you can visit the PSWAR web site: