Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dance Films Screenings

Program from 22 March to 24 May

Goethe Insitute Tbilisi, Zandukeli street 16

Nadia Tsulukidze organizes dance films screenings with disscusions, presenting concepts and ideas of Chorepgraphers from German 'Ausdrucks Tanz to 'Tanztheater', American Modern and Postmodern Dance.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Onno Dirkers residency in Tbilisi.

Cultural Agenda Tbilisi, project by Onno Dirker, design Nini Palavandishvili


  • Tape to mark an area for the project 'A home for the ones without a roof' (Huis van daklozen)
Between the 4th of april and the 12th of may the Dutch artist Onno Dirker did individual residence in Tbilisi. GeoAIR invited the artist because of his strong engagement with and interesting projects about societal issues. For those of you that read Dutch: & When Onno will be posting his experiences in a blog that you can access through the GeoAIR blog. You can download a pdf file with documentation of his projects in English HERE.

Onno Dirker is interested in ‘situations under pressure’ and the position art can take in these situations. Some of the themes and methods he works with are: the sociology of urban design, the relationship between east and west, human routines, cultural and urban analysis of neighbourhoods through the perspective of art. His work and way of working is engaged and enthusiastic and he has realised many successful projects. The Georgian context suits Onno Dirkers interests and we think that his energetic and engaged attitude will lead to a fruitful residence.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


'The BlogShop’ 9 November 20:00, location: Goethe institute Sandukeli Str. 16.

During the Art Caucasus there has been lot of talks about networks, art off course, idea's about what kind of art projects Tbilisi needs, about the lack of a critical discourse in Tbilisi and many more related subjects.
A lot of these talks took place in kitchens or in restaurants etc. and usually in small groups of people. There was a lot of engagement in these conversations and good idea's being articulated. A subject that often came up is the a lack for a platform where this engagement and the idea's can be shared and several foreign visitors said: 'there is so little information to be found on the internet about the Georgian art scene'.
Together with the French art lover and professional website and blog user Audrey Bartis we have discussed the possibility of making a network of blogs connecting the Tbilisi/Georgian art scene and make it visible on the internet.

What is a blog?
A blog is a free place on the internet that anyone can crate and fill with images and text about whatever he or she wants to show on the internet. A lot of people use it as an alternative for a website because it’s for free and very easy to make, keep updated and link yourself to others that share your interests.

The 9th of November we organise a BlogShop in which we will show how a blog functions, how you can make one and how a group of blogs linked together can make the Georgian art scene more visible on the internet and contribute to the strengthening of a local and national network.

Hope to see you there.
Best regards,

The GeoAIR BlogShop team: Freya van Dien, Sandro Chaidze, Sophia Tabatadze and Nadia Tsulukidze.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tamuna Chabashwili (Geo/NL), Artist's talk about PSWAR and 'Beauty Unrealized' project

PSWAR / is a collaboration of the artists Tamuna Chabashvili (Georgia, 1978), Adi Hollander (Belgium, 1976) and theoretician Vesna Madzoski (Serbia, 1976) whose activities go beyond the usual notions of artists-as-social-activists, artists-as-producers, and artists-as-curators, blurring the borders between many roles assumed to be taken by the present-day artists. Their projects are based on research and include several levels: examination of collaboration and collective action, the possibility to use existing artworks as ready-mades, questioning of the existing exhibition formats, creating platforms for intimate and individual experience of the artworks and changing perception of the space.

Beauty Unrealized
A research project conducted by Public Space With A Roof

In the last few decades beauty has been a much disputed term. It has often been associated with things ornamental or decorative, while simultaneously becoming the buzzword for conservative critics who object to anything avant-garde. Perhaps because of this stereotypical understanding and misuse of the term, 'beauty' has all fallen out of favour within present art discourse. With this project, we want to underline that (produced) objects are equally important as 'social projects'. Since people have always communicated through objects in space and time, it is important to discuss the link between objects and ideas, or more specifically, between objects and the concept of beauty. Invited artists, composers, film directors and philosophers will explore the concept of beauty today within the scope of their own process of self-development and their own work. As a framework for the whole project, we created a special library in which visitors can enter and get lost in the world of thoughts, ideas, questions, possibilities, and puzzles.

For detailed information you can visit the PSWAR web site: