Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dance Films Screenings

Program from 22 March to 24 May

Goethe Insitute Tbilisi, Zandukeli street 16

Nadia Tsulukidze organizes dance films screenings with disscusions, presenting concepts and ideas of Chorepgraphers from German 'Ausdrucks Tanz to 'Tanztheater', American Modern and Postmodern Dance.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Onno Dirkers residency in Tbilisi.

Cultural Agenda Tbilisi, project by Onno Dirker, design Nini Palavandishvili


  • Tape to mark an area for the project 'A home for the ones without a roof' (Huis van daklozen)
Between the 4th of april and the 12th of may the Dutch artist Onno Dirker did individual residence in Tbilisi. GeoAIR invited the artist because of his strong engagement with and interesting projects about societal issues. For those of you that read Dutch: & When Onno will be posting his experiences in a blog that you can access through the GeoAIR blog. You can download a pdf file with documentation of his projects in English HERE.

Onno Dirker is interested in ‘situations under pressure’ and the position art can take in these situations. Some of the themes and methods he works with are: the sociology of urban design, the relationship between east and west, human routines, cultural and urban analysis of neighbourhoods through the perspective of art. His work and way of working is engaged and enthusiastic and he has realised many successful projects. The Georgian context suits Onno Dirkers interests and we think that his energetic and engaged attitude will lead to a fruitful residence.